1. Your handouts should correspond with the sequence of the presentation. They should contain succinct phrases and possibly fill-in-the-blanks as opposed to sentences. Fill-in-the-blanks are quite useful in keeping your audience focused because it involves “doing” something. Writing involves their musculature. By writing information down it prints it indelibly in the subconscious of their minds. It also adds variety to your presentation. You aren’t just a talking head. Handouts improve understanding of your message and add credibility provided they look professional.
  2. Your handouts should appear clean, clear, and easy to read. Use a larger text font such as 24 point for headlines, subheads at 16 to 18, and text font around 12 or 14. Handouts also enhance your actual presentation skills as they’re the equivalent of a “cheat sheet” when you want to quickly glance at your main points. Distribute them either way ahead of the presentation, or at the very end. If you distribute them minutes before you begin speaking, your audience will be more focused on the handouts than on your message.

November 13, 2005

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