I conducted a Presentation Skills training workshop for an organization in San Diego on June 4th. We discussed how to overcome a fear of public speaking, and come across more confidently. Whether you’re a motivational keynote speaker, or manager and meeting facilitator, here are three easy tips to  improving presentation skills:

  1. Rehearsing or “rehearing” yourself reduces 75% of your nervousness. If you’re busy like me, record your talk on a microcassette recorder or digital recorder. Play it over and over while you’re driving to work or running errands. Where do you sound convincing? What needs improvement? Also videotape yourself.  The camera is your most trusted ally for honest feedback. You’ll feel more confident and will be less likely to blank out when presenting your material.

  2. Know who will be in your audience way ahead of time. By tailoring your content from scratch you’ll have more credibility as a presenter, and your audience will be more interested.

  3. Meet and greet your audience as they walk in the door. If you don’t already know them, shake hands, talk with them, and give direct eye contact. When you give your presentation, you’ll be less nervous because they won’t seem to be an empty sea of unknown faces.

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