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The Adopting Joy podcast was created to help you overcome adversity, follow your fate, and find joy, so you can create your best life. Join Colleen Joy Ryan as she shares inspirational insights and actionable tips, tools, and techniques on topics like dealing with difficult people, how to get and stay motivated, transforming your past into your purpose, inspiring dog stories, and more

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Motivational Speaker, Author, Change Management and Leadership Expert Colleen Ryan

“Hands down Colleen is the single best guest we’ve had on the air this year!”
TD Mischke, Oct. 2011, CBS Radio Minneapolis

“Colleen, excellent information on how to be the best leader you can be!”
~Suezanne Martin, RN, Arizona Association for Home Care

Colleen Ryan is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, author, former number one sales producer, and change management and leadership expert. Colleen says, “A lot of people hit the ground running or they just hit the ground. And the difference lies in how we bounce back. In these changing times, individuals are facing numerous challenges: managing difficult employees that are inherited, supervising friends and former colleagues, or just looking for a job! These days, they’re doing more with less, dealing with difficult people, plus keeping up with all the adventures at home.”

How do you use adversity to bounce back? Colleen says “We can go beyond resilience to actually bounce back higher. Use change and uncertainty to propel you forward.”

We know that in these trying times we can find ourselves in challenging predicaments. What do you do when all the things you’ve done before don’t work?  This site is dedicated to bouncing back higher and what to do when you’re facing adversity in all its colorful forms. Enjoy this website of Colleen’s latest thinking and ideas to get you out of any box that you’re in. Click here to see her TOPICS. As a motivational speaker, change management and leadership expert, read about Colleen Ryan’s background at About Colleen, Read what other people say about her work at Rave Reviews. For Colleen’s audio programs and books visit Success Store. Also, Meeting Planners, Media and Videos. For speaking availability please call (971)212-0479. Colleen is a Portland, Oregon based motivational speaker.

“Colleen was a wonderful addition to our jam-packed day of education. She was there to present to our young bankers division of around 100 attendees as the opening and closing session speaker along with a breakout session. Some of the comments on the evaluations are as follows:
“Colleen gave practical solutions for managing workloads”

“Colleen did a great job making me think more about what I do with my time at work and how to improve my productivity”

“Colleen was awesome! I came away with awesome ideas and can’t wait to implement them when I return to the bank!”

Colleen was wonderful to work with in planning process and with the final execution of the program. Her PowerPoint presentation was useful for the participants as they furiously took notes during her sessions. Her three programs were not only practical, but also motivational in nature.

~Melinda McClelland
Community Bankers Association of Illinois

“Colleen, thank you for your participation in our Leadership Conference. Your talk was very well-received and you got great reviews from attendees on your “Tuning Up Your Team” talk. My boss, the Mississippi Bankers Association president, was especially impressed with your address, and he quoted you several times the week thereafter.

You were very easy to work with, reliable, fully prepared, and low-maintenance as a speaker. I would recommend you to any group!”

Kristen Kern,
Mississippi Young Bankers Association

“Colleen was a pleasure to interview and had great tips on employment for my listeners. At a time in our history when so many are out of work and need to know how to both get a new job or KEEP the one they have, people like Colleen are needed to spread the word on how to brush up skills and stay in the game. Both informative and entertaining, Colleen Ryan is a great interview.”
~Bo Hudson, CBS Radio Seattle

“A wonderful speaker! Gives the keys to success on how to deal with difficult people.”
Chuck Lloyd,
Oregon Healthcare Association

“More than 100 event planners agreed that this year the star of the day was Colleen Ryan. Her evaluations were fantastic; here is a sample: fun, engaging conversational style with down-to-earth information. High energy. Nice humor, polished, poised.”
Marney Roddick
Cascade Employers Association