In preparing for a job interview, there are numerous factors to consider. In addition to some of the more obvious things like showing up early, pay attention to your appearance. It’ll help you get prepared for those all-important job interviews.

Some of you may be thinking, “Appearance? Really? In preparing for a job interview, does it matter that much?” Well, yes, it does. In conducting in-depth conversations with hundreds of managers, supervisors, and executives, I was even startled at what they shared with me.

  • Appearance, image, and grooming before the job interview. Like it or not, done poorly, this is a deal breaker. Do you exhibit positive personal hygiene? Do you dress and look the part? Numerous supervisors said to me, “This will sound ridiculous, but honestly, I have to question, did the applicants wash and comb their hair? Did they brush their teeth?” Some of them actually bring an air freshener into the room to tolerate those applicants who don’t seem to bathe. (I’m just the messenger here, folks.) One manager told me he has the front desk assistant alert him when an applicant drops by to pick up an application or drop off a resume. Why? Managers want to meet you and interview you for a couple of minutes precisely because they know you aren’t expecting it! They want to see how you behave “off the cuff.”

In preparing for a job interview, like it or not, appearance does matter. Even if you are interviewing to be a waiter or bartender, it is wise to wear a nice suit. Yes, you want to look the part, but managers overwhelmingly told me they also expect the applicant to look professional. They said it shows that you take the job seriously.

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