Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them. ~John C. Maxwell

Good managers are not made overnight. It takes time and energy to develop all the skills that are needed to be successful. While some talents will come naturally, others need to be enhanced in order to become the leader that inspires success. Below are ten tips on becoming a good manager that will make this process an easier undertaking.

Managers are Driven by Integrity

Integrity is the key trait that reassures your employees of your character. An employee that regularly witnesses your trustworthy business practices will know they can trust you as well. Managers who are honest and authentic will be the most respected.

Inspiration and Communication is Their Recipe for Success

Leaders inspire their employees by communicating messages that encourage greatness. The tone and enthusiasm that you exude will become their inspiration for following the mission of the organization. Also, the more employees believe in your message the more they will share that vision with others.

Skillful Managers are Steadily Dependable

A great manager shows up on time. When needed, you are there, ready to roll up your sleeves to pitch in and help. No task is beneath your pay grade and employees will appreciate the fact that you will work with them instead of  just managing over them.

Consistency is Their Calling Card in Business

Are your employees on eggshells? Great managers are defined by a consistently strong work ethic and a stable atmosphere. You have a reputation for constantly improving your productivity by being consistent with policies, procedures, and moods. In my seminars on leadership, participants are always telling me they like a boss who is consistent with rules and emotions. Employees know you are committed to delivering the best results and you model how to achieve success every time.

Being Fair is One of Their Top Qualities

Favoritism is not acted upon by a smart manager. In fact, employees should not have the impression that you lean toward any one person more than someone else. Leaders understand that even a hint of bias will quickly breed resentment for those who are not the chosen ones.

Leaders Can See the Big Picture as They Look Forward

Knowing how both the small and large decisions of today influence the future is big picture thinking. Using your experience as a leader to see the potential pitfalls before they happen will also show your employees how you plan effective strategies successfully.

Great Managers Care About Everyone on Their Team

Leaders are not hesitant to show their employees that they care. When milestone events such as a birthday or work anniversary occur, they congratulate their employees enthusiastically. If the employee’s child breaks their arm you’d equally show concern. This will make the employee feel they are not just an anonymous worker and the big events in their life do matter.

Effective Leaders Have Your Back

When I ask managers and supervisors their biggest tips on becoming a good manager, they frequently say, “I like knowing my boss has my back.” Leaders are there to support their employees even when projects don’t always succeed. They don’t leave the employee hanging out on a limb to endure the entire brunt of disappointing results. As a great manager, you realize that being responsible for an employee means that their performance is also a reflection of your leadership.

Managers are Knowledgeable About Their Industry and Organization

Knowledge is the way a great manager succeeds both in their industry and at their organization. Knowing the latest trends and innovations that saves your organization time and money makes you a valuable asset. Being proactive will also make strategic planning easier and prevent fewer surprises down the road.

Leaders are Good Listeners Who Actively Hear You

Actively listening to employees is a key skill that managers need in order to be effective leaders. Restating the employee’s words will take time, patience and energy. However, when employees feel that you are truly listening to their concerns and viewpoints, they will be more willing to reciprocate when you are speaking to them. This will ultimately strengthen your business relationship.

Being a successful leader takes integrity, inspiring communication, dependability, consistency, fairness, forward thinking, caring, support, knowledge and active listening skills. Once you master these ten tips for becoming a good manager, you will find both happier employees and potential promotional opportunities in your future!


About Colleen Kettenhofen, Leadership Expert, Motivational Speaker

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