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Colleen Ryan

“Colleen, excellent information on how to be the best leader you can be!”
~Suezanne Martin, RN Arizona Association for Home Care

home-video-teaserA lot of people hit the ground running or they just hit the ground. And the difference lies in how we bounce back. A highly sought-after keynote speaker, former number one sales producer, and change management and leadership expert, Colleen Ryan has a plan for how to do that with her distinct message. She says, “Everyone experiences adversity — whether it’s managing difficult people with a sense of entitlement, doing more with less, or looking for work. It’s beyond resilience – it’s about bouncing back higher. Use change and uncertainty to propel you forward.” Colleen is a popular speaker because of her ability to blend role playing, humorous slice-of-life stories, and action learning – solving real problems at work. (Please scroll down).

Colleen conducts primary research by interviewing at least three participants who will be in attendance.  An expert on leadership, she has shared her message before thousands delivering over 1,100 fun and entertaining programs in 48 states and five countries.

CREDENTIALS: Colleen Ryan has interviewed more than 200 managers as well as CEOs and top executives for her new book, Secrets Your Boss Isn’t Telling You. She is an international workplace employee and management expert, award-winning corporate trainer, and conference keynote speaker. She was previously honored as the number one sales producer of all time for a Fortune 500 company out of more than 180 sales representatives. A media veteran, she has appeared on numerous radio shows around the country and has written more than 40 articles on diverse workplace issues. An expert on leadership, and change management, she is the author of 10 published audio programs and two books.

  • Leadership, Generations, Managing Difficult People
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Managing Change, Improving Public Speaking Skills, Student Programs

“Colleen, thank you for giving such an outstanding presentation to the employers of Central Oregon! Participant evaluations were extremely positive and included statements such as, “the best speaker I have ever seen…” Without reservation, I highly recommend you to any business or organization considering utilizing your services.”

Denise Pollock
Central Oregon Employer Council

“Colleen, as you promised, the program was a huge success and our group of 70 attendees was engaged and mesmerized from the start. We only wish we had more than your allotted hour!”

~Shari Tivy,
Co-Chair ALAMN, Director of Human Resources

“Colleen was our keynote speaker for our International Association of Workforce Professionals. The feedback from the attendees was Colleen is a dynamic speaker and she kept the audience engaged! Her theme for our conference was ‘Managing Change, Embracing Accountability, and Achieving Success,’ which gave us the tools to help us become better leaders and to build on our communication style. I would highly recommend Colleen if you are looking for a speaker that is highly motivating, professional and has the ability to engage your audience!”

~Cheryl Brown,
District Director, IAWP

“Colleen, thank you for your participation in our Leadership Conference. Your talk was very well-received and you got great reviews from attendees on your “Tuning Up Your Team” talk. My boss, the Mississippi Bankers Association president, was especially impressed with your address, and he quoted you several times the week thereafter.

You were very easy to work with, reliable, fully prepared, and low-maintenance as a speaker. I would recommend you to any group!”

Kristen Kern,
Mississippi Young Bankers Association

“Colleen is hands down the single best guest we’ve had on the air this year!”

TD Mischke,
Host CBS Radio, Minneapolis

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Colleen Ryan’s topics are customized to your needs, themes, and objectives. Her programs are presented in a positive upbeat manner, and she always stresses personal accountability.