Help your attendees succeed by inviting motivational speaker Colleen Ryan to speak at your next meeting!

A highly sought-after motivational business speaker, author, and executive facilitator, Colleen Ryan has delivered more than 1,100 entertaining and interactive programs in 48 states and five countries.

Why are Colleen’s keynotes and seminars so well received at conventions, sales and leadership meetings? This one-of-a-kind speaker blends humorous slice-of-life stories with valuable, actionable information that participants can put in place immediately. Colleen conducts original research to customize your program and guarantees its success. Please scroll down for detailed topic descriptions.

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Secrets Your Boss Isn’t Telling You

Leadership, Communication within the Generations, Teambuilding, Change

Alternate title: You, the Boss Whisperer: How to Manage Up

What if you could know what your boss is thinking? Their employee likes and dislikes? Who they want to hire, promote, and fire? As an author, change management specialist, and workplace expert, Colleen Ryan has interviewed over 200 managers and more than a handful of CEOs to find out job-critical secrets about employees that bosses don’t share easily. Many of them revealed details of what they expect and, more importantly, don’t expect from their employees. Concerned about losing your job? In this fun, interactive, and entertaining session, Colleen will reveal how to tell if your boss really likes you or is just going through the motions. Discover the top 10 biggest frustrations of managers you must avoid. You’ll also learn five key traits employees need to possess to be considered exemplary by executives and CEOs. If you’re eager to gain recognition or a raise (who isn’t?), you’ll discover the top 10 things most people don’t know or do to keep their bosses happy…and much more!

(Keynote. Also available in half day and full day formats). This program can be tailored for health care.

“I would personally like to recognize Colleen Ryan for sharing her expertise, and especially for her amazing presentation style. Colleen cordially provided skillful methods to be used in any facet of our lives. She gave sound advice and tools to our participating members, which was an extreme honor bestowed on us. We were very humbled to have had the opportunity to listen to an author and an award-winning, nationally renowned speaker!”

~ Gwendolyn Stroops,
National Association of Credit Managers

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How to Tune Up Your Team to Do Anything!! (Managing Employees)

Alternate title: Managing Change, Embracing Accountability, and Achieving Success

Leadership, Generation Issues, Communication, Managing Employees

Chances are you know of managers who’ve been promoted to leadership positions based on their performance, but they haven’t had management training. The skills that got them promoted aren’t the ones they’re using to manage people — especially those who have a sense of entitlement.

Colleen explains, “Many managers who haven’t had conflict resolution training are learning that effective communication skills are bare-bones survival skills. How do they manage the difficult people they’ve inherited?

Colleen coaches bosses in what to say, what not to say, and how to say it when managing difficult people. “For example, let’s say you’re a team leader but not someone’s direct report. Our leadership training helps you establish greater trust, communication, and credibility between you and your team.”

In this in-demand program,  you’ll explore how to get your team on board to accept change, embrace accountability, and achieve measurable results. Colleen provides practical insights that can be put in place immediately to manage and motivate the “gossips, whiners, and drama employees” in every generation and every workplace. (Available in keynote, half day, full day, and two day formats).

“Colleen was the Opening Keynote Speaker for the AHPCO Spring Conference in May 2012 and the AAHC Annual Convention in June 2012.

Colleen’s topic for both programs was leadership and the title of her presentation was, ‘Managing Change, Embracing Accountability, and Achieving Success.’ Her dynamic, uplifting and personable style was a great way to start the day. She provided more than motivation, she provided relevant, usable content in an engaging way. The feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. Below are a few of the written comments we received:

  • ‘I especially enjoyed the leadership presentation by Colleen, which gave me the opportunity to self-evaluate my leadership skills and think about areas where I can improve.’
  • ‘Great information presented in a fun, learning way.’
  • ‘Colleen was passionate and smart about her topic. She had us all engaged and interested.’
  • ‘ I enjoyed the interaction throughout her presentation and appreciated her depiction of experiences in her life and her friends, related to leadership and employment skills.’

~Marie Fredette, CAE, Executive Director, Phoenix, Arizona

“Colleen’s presentation style engaged every attendee. Employers walked away with practical tools to increase their leadership skills and create a better work environment in their area of influence at their company. I would recommend any of Colleen Ryan’s seminars to anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills.”

Anna Robbins
Human Resources, Recruiter
Bank of the Cascades

“Colleen, I found your topic on Team Leadership to be very valuable. Your unique conversational presentation style, quick wit and high energy made the seminar fun and informative. I especially appreciated how your specific examples of real life work situations were easy to understand and apply in the workplace.”

Terri Shephard
Corporate Recruiting Solutions

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7 Magic Wands for Making Difficult People Disappear

Alternate title: How to Have Patience with Your Patients

Dealing with Difficult People, Conflict Resolution, Generation Issues

Every day is filled with a colorful cast of characters. How do you deal with the difficult ones who get under your skin? And what if they’re your clients, patients, or coworkers?

Colleen says, “Having an interaction with a difficult person can set the tone for the entire day and be tough to shake off. Have you ever told yourself to ignore that person’s comment, but it still lingers? What can you do instead? Counteract the difficult person’s aftertaste by going immediately into a positive environment. You’ll find it blunts the comment’s impact for the rest of the day.”

In this energetic and empowering session, Colleen explores 7 magic “prescriptions” for making difficult people disappear. You’ll discuss what makes difficult people tick, what ticks them off, and what you can do about them!

Might YOU be a difficult person?! Discover how to keep yourself sane and secure with a still-sunny disposition. This session gives you fresh new ways to process your emotions and enjoy the day. Guaranteed!

“Colleen was very animated! Great motivational speaker! Really liked use of scenario based training.”

Chuck Bauer
Air Evac Services, Inc
Phoenix, Arizona

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How to Overcome Adversity When You Don’t Have a Choice

Managing Change, Managing Stress, Cancer Survivor

Alternate title: Navigating Change and Bouncing Back Higher

In these rapidly changing times people are doing more with less, experiencing job insecurities, facing health challenges — and dealing with “adventures” at home. If this describes you, it’s time to tap into the power of adversity and bounce back.

Known as The Queen of from Trouble to Turnaround, Colleen explains, “Everyone experiences adversity in different doses. But we can go beyond resilience to actually bounce back higher. The secret is in using adversity to propel you forward, faster, and with mental fortitude.”

Colleen comes with personal credentials to back her claim in this warm, lively, and upbeat program. She shares anecdotes of her journey from cancer patient to courageous thriver 20 years later. Using humor, passion, and energy, she provides practical insights for turning a negative into a positive at work and beyond.

Specifically, you’ll discover 8 coping strategies that survivors of difficulties — whether emotional, physical, or circumstantial — put into practice. Colleen’s riveting stories serve as a wake-up call, igniting passion and purpose for all who hear her. Often, after her presentation, participants share how it feels to be appreciated, uplifted, and empowered.

Especially beneficial for healthcare-related groups, caregivers, this program can be the highlight of Nurses’ Week, cancer survivor celebrations, and other events that bring people together to celebrate life and strength.

(Available in keynote, half day, and full day formats).

“Colleen, you were motivational to say the least! Regarding your keynote, I can’t tell you how many came up to me after the picnic – actually still coming to me this morning to say what an awesome speaker we had!”

~ Sue Krueger,
Manager, Cancer Care Center,
Provena St. Joseph Medical Center

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Navigating Change and Bouncing Back Higher

Alternate title: Achieving Personal and Professional Success: Renew, Refuel, Re-charge

Communication, Improving Morale, Managing Change

Do you feel like you’re one person doing the work of 18 people? If so, this fun, interactive program reveals strategies for doing more with less so you can achieve the results you want in half the time! More than that, you’ll learn to recognize self-sabotaging thought patterns and practice strategies for boosting your self-confidence. (The goal is to motivate your audience with a “we’re all in this together” approach).

If you’re dealing with difficult people, Colleen identifies 11 communication pitfalls you should avoid and why. She then provides specific words and phrases for what to say, what not to say, and how to say it. Learn vital tools for communicating with different generations.

Are you seeking more recognition? A promotion? Colleen reveals 7 secrets most people don’t know or do to keep their bosses happy.

How can you use change and uncertainty to get and stay motivated? Explore Colleen’s proven methods for maximizing success and minimizing stress in the face of extensive shifts in the workplace.

Want to know what your boss thinks? Colleen interviewed hundreds of managers to discover their 10 biggest pet peeves– discussed in this session and in her new book, Secrets Your Boss Isn’t Telling You.

(Available in keynote, half day, and full day formats). This program can be tailored for healthcare.

“More than 100 event planners agreed that this year the star of the day was Colleen Ryan. Her evaluations were fantastic; here’s a sample: fun, engaging conversational style with down-to-earth information. High energy. Nice humor, polished, poised.”

~ Marney Roddick,  Director of Training & Events
Cascade Employers Association

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Presentation Skills That Hit a Home Run with Even the Toughest Audience!

How to Improve Public Speaking Skills, Speech Coaching

Do you want to conquer your fear of public speaking and boost your confidence and credibility once and for all?

We all have butterflies — especially in a high-stakes environment. The key is getting those butterflies organized, focused, and flying in formation.

In this session, Colleen reveals 7 easy strategies for minimizing nervousness and maximizing  memory skills so you won’t blank out. You’ll identify 8 essentials for delivering a persuasive presentation that is entertaining and engaging — even with technical material. And you’ll discover how to design and use visual aids for maximum effect.

Participants practice how to effectively organize a powerful speech and make their stories and statistics sing. The bonus? You’ll have an opportunity to present to a small group live.

Find out how to hit a home run with your public speaking skills, even with your toughest audience. You’ll explore proven principles for captivating your audience, discover how to handle a hostile audience, address questions you don’t know how to answer, and score more points. (Colleen also recommends her advanced two day presentation skills seminar, videotaping optional). Executive speech coaching also available.

It is very rare that a presenter can hold my attention for an entire day but Colleen was able to. I found everything she had to say extremely useful!

Aaron M. Conroy, Lead Consultant
Kaiser Permanente

“The examples were very helpful. I enjoyed the practical processes and being able to stand up and practice speaking.”

Loretta Habel, Project Analyst


*Colleen Ryan, a Coeur d’Alene, Idaho-based speaker, can customize any program or title according to your needs, themes, and time frames. For speaking availability and fees, please call (971)212-0479.


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