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Interview with Bo Hudson from CBS Radio

Monday, August 29th, 2011
Host: Bo Hudson
Interview Date: July 27, 2011
Topics: How to Get a Great Job, What Employers Look for on Interviews, Bosses’ Biggest Frustrations, How to Keep Your Job, Effective Leadership

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We would all agree that receiving recognition from our bosses is nice. Yet in these tough times, many people are just happy to keep their jobs. How can you ensure that you’ll keep yours? Based on what I hear as I conduct leadership programs around the country, here’s an easy acronym for remembering what employers want. And, how YOU can be considered exemplary.

E is for Enthusiasm. Bosses want enthusiastic employees who are passionate about what they do.
X is for Extra Mile. Managers want employees “willing to go above and beyond.” Go the extra mile.
E is for Encourage Others. Employers love team players who are easy to work with.
M is for Manage Your Emotions. A top 10 pet peeve of bosses is high drama employees.
P is for Problem Solver. Before you complain try to resolve the issue on your own. Be proactive.
L is for Let Go of the Mistake, but don’t lose the lesson.
A is for Accountability. Know what is expected and hold yourself accountable.
R is for Responsibility. When you make a mistake admit it. Responsibility = response-ability.
Y is for Yield to Others. In Merriam-Webster’s Concise Dictionary, yield is defined as “cease opposition or resistance.” Choose your battles. Know when to surrender.

These are some of the top traits managers and supervisors tell me they want to see in their employees. If I were to give a list of the top traits to avoid as an employee? I will discuss those in detail in my upcoming book. But here’s a hint: One of the biggest complaints I’m hearing?  Employees with a ” sense of entitlement.” If I had a dollar for every time I hear about sense of entitlement…