“No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for ‘we’ are the only thinkers in our mind. When we create peace and harmony and balance our minds, we will find it in our lives.”  ~Louise Hay

One thing people tell me in my keynotes and seminars on leadership is that they are extremely overloaded with work and are desperately searching for effective ways to balance their lives. They realize it takes a great deal of energy and expertise to multitask their employees’ schedules, family plans, and still find time to take a breath for themselves. In order to achieve this ideal harmony, managers need to intentionally change their behavior, starting with incorporating these tips for a well-balanced and happier life.

Walk the Walk of a Balanced Life

In giving work-life balance tips for managers, I often tell leaders they need to be role models. If you say you want a good work-life balance but don’t put those words into action you will always disappoint your employees, your family and yourself. You will also lose all credibility. Employees will listen to what you say but are usually more impacted by what you actually do. If you are constantly at the office, never taking a vacation (or checking email when you do), then your message is clear, work is your only concern and they should follow suit. Instead, do your best to leave your work at the office and your personal life at home. Then you’ll be able to take time for your work, relationships, and own self-preservation and be perceived as a more rounded and well-adjusted leader.

Invest Time in Taking Care of Yourself

The best way to achieve a work-life balance is to invest in consistent self-care. This means making it a priority to eat healthier, exercise regularly and get enough sleep each night. While you may feel that you can get more done if you don’t take the time to invest in self-care, that choice will eventually catch up with you down the road. You can’t expect yourself or anyone else to perform at their peak if they don’t have the chance to energize each day. Start slow by eating a healthier lunch, schedule time to do a physical activity for 30 minutes a day and finish your day with a regular sleep schedule. Make a solid commitment and accept the fact that you won’t be nearly as productive if you always put yourself last.

Encourage a Flexible Workplace

It seems employee morale goes way up when flexible work schedules and telecommuting is a viable option. Whether it’s every Friday or a few days a week this flexibility will make both your lives easier! Of course you will know right away who is able to exercise this option responsibly and who is not. Most of your employees who are given this opportunity will be autonomous, self-motivated and productive.  This will create a happier workforce who will demonstrate their commitment to getting their work completed. Also, if you allow for paid time off in lieu of traditional sick days, vacation time, and personal days that will boost morale as well by giving your employees the chance to decide where and when they want to use it. Paid time off is a huge motivator and aids in the work-life balance for both managers and employees.

Unplug and Have Some Fun

No one gets to the end of their life wishing they had searched the Internet more. In fact, a few decades ago the Internet didn’t exist and people had to interact without the benefit of using a machine. Consider unplugging for a few hours, a day or even a weekend and enjoy the bliss of not being tied to a device such as a cell phone, tablet or email inbox. While this might be hard to do at first, you will find other activities that are just as satisfying. Consider seeing a comedy with an old friend, spending time eating dinner with loved ones and actually talking to each other. If you can arrange a day at the park to play some Frisbee or Softball and top it off with a picnic lunch you’ll create happy and lasting memories.

When you walk the walk of a balanced life, invest time in taking care of yourself, encourage a flexible workplace, and unplug to have fun, you will create a life that has greater harmony and purpose. Encompassing these work-life balance tips for managers and employees will result in a more satisfying career and family life that you both can enjoy and embrace!

About Colleen Kettenhofen, Leadership Expert, Motivational Speaker

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