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Only3Degrees with Denai Vaughn

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Click the gray play arrow below to listen to the interview. How to get a great job and keep it! What are bosses’ biggest pet peeves? Listen and find out!

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What Interviewers Want from You

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Ever wonder what goes on in the minds of employers and what interviewers want when they interview you? As a conference speaker and corporate trainer for over 15 years, I’ve asked managers, “What do interviewers want?”  And I’ve been asking this question more frequently as many people are out of work and need tips on how to get a great job.

Simply put, interviewers want to know what you are going to do for them. In other words, how will you make their job easier? And, how will you make them look good? In their minds they’re thinking, “How am I going to benefit by hiring this person?”

Interviewers Want to Know What You Are Going to Do for Them

Interviewers want ideas and future employees who take action on those ideas. They want to see enthusiasm and passion.  Employers have said, “I want to see that they’re passionate and enthusiastic about the position they’re interviewing for. If they’re not energized in the interview, they certainly won’t be once they’re on the job.”

Bosses have enough problems of their own. So they look to hire (and promote) people who are proactive. You have to create something. Don’t use the economy as an excuse for what you can’t do. What can you do? This is how you can make a difference. And how you can stand out whether you’re looking for a job, or interviewing for a promotion. This is common-sense but not always practically applied.